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 Rennie GM Applications ~❤

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Rennie GM Applications ~❤ Empty
PostSubject: Rennie GM Applications ~❤   Rennie GM Applications ~❤ I_icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 8:41 am

Name ~> Rennie

Age ~> 19

Time Zone/Locationg ~> (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Email ~>

IGN ~> Rennie

What will/can you do as a GM? ~> I will try all player to enjoy this server. Make some event to make the player happy ^^

What could you contribute to the server if you were to become a GM? ~> Everyday I will vote for this server. Then I will try my best to get more player join. I also will call my friend to join too.

What would you do if you saw someone hacking (1st time, 2nd, 3rd)? ~>
1st time ~> I will warning them to stop hacking.
2nd time ~> I will jail them for 12 hour.
3rd time ~> I will ban them.

How would you deal with a spammer/abuser? ~>
I will warning them first. If them still continue spam I will ban them for 24 hour.

How would you use the !item command? ~> I will use it for event prizes.

Do you have any GM experience? ~> Nope. I hope can learn about it.

Any unique talents(coding, gfx, etc) ~> Nope. If need I will learn with my friend.

What type of events would you host? With what prize? how often? ~> I will host JQ, guess song and other event. I would host an event about 2~3 hour depending on the amount of players online.

How many hours would you be willing to commit a week? ~> I would try to commit all of my time into the server.

What would you do if you saw a relative/friend hacking? ~> Just same with other player.

Would you leave the server if you were not picked as GM? ~> Nope. I like this server so much. This server is fun.

If a player is spamming on XAT/Being stupid what would you do? ~> First I will warning them. If them still continue I will ban them for 24 hour.

Will you respect all of the ImagineStory's staff and the moderating team? ~> Sure. Them is my senior.

What do you think is good about your personality? ~> Erm.... I like to help everyone, and I like to make some joke.

What do you think is bad about your personality? ~> Erm..... I'm really weird... Sometime will joke with someone, sometime I will bad with someone. But, I will try try my best to improved my bad.

Would you leave the server if a problem were to happen (small and big)? ~> I won't leave this server only the server is shut down or i get banned.

Why should we choose you as GM? ~> I like to help everyone. To make event. To BAN hacker, spammer and who guy had insult this server.

What would you do if a player asked for an Event item/MSI (Max stat item)? ~> I would tell them I cannot give MSI. Because this will make other unhappy.

How many days a week and for how long would you be active? ~> Everyday. Erm about 3~4 hour. Only weekend. I will play about 5~8 hour.

I hope I can become GM. Then I will try my best to improve this server as I can.❤
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Rennie GM Applications ~❤ Empty
PostSubject: Re:Rennie GM Application   Rennie GM Applications ~❤ I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 10:40 pm

Rennie GM Applications ~❤ 2827249990

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Rennie GM Applications ~❤
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