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 iiHeartszxc GM application (: ♥

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iiHeartszxc GM application (: ♥ Empty
PostSubject: iiHeartszxc GM application (: ♥   iiHeartszxc GM application (: ♥ I_icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2011 8:07 am

Name ; Jeselle , you can call me jess for short ! (: .

Age ; sweet sixthteen (: ♥

Time Zone/Location ; Singaporee ! [+08 00 GMT ] .

MSN ; (: .

In-Game-Name ; iiHeartszxc ♥ (:

What will/can you do as a GM ? ; i can certainly help the server by catching hackers , which all of the GM's are supposed to do , and help anyone who are unhappy about something about the server , such as rude players or bugs in the server . I would ask my friends to join and make the server grow . Lastly , i can hold fun events that would make anyone happy because i listen to everyone's story and make the rules fair and square . (:

What could you contribute to the server if you were to become a GM ? ; I can help to vote daily , ask players that are online to vote , ask my friends to join , make this server a memorable server for everyonee (: .

What would you do if you saw someone hacking (1st time, 2nd, 3rd) ? ; Well , i am not the person that gives any warning to hackers . I would take a screenshot of them hacking , then i'll put th word 'BAN' into good use (: , as hacking just ruins any server , especially those that i enjoyed & loved . However , if they were falsely banned from me , and posted a ban appeal , I would offer my sincere apologies and unban them .

How would you deal with a spammer/abuser ? ; i would talk to them nicely , politely ask them not to spam or abuse , but i'm pretty sure , th players are pretty friendly to spam or abuse (: .

How would you use the !item command ? ; i'll only use it wisely , like making item for an event . (:

Do you have any GM experience ? ; i have none , but i'm willing to learn (: .

Any unique talents(coding, gfx, etc) ; none too ): , but if someone is willing to teach me , i'll learn it (: .

What type of events would you host? With what prize? how often ? ; I can host fun experience events , such as Truth or False , Hide 'N' Seek , Summoning Event , Super Mega Phone Event , Music guessing event , Monster guessing event , JQ event , Boss event . NX is easily gained in this server , hmmm , i'll give rare NX , GMLs , Tetris , Perfect Pitch (: .

How many hours would you be willing to commit a week ? ; i'm always active , (: , 4-8 hours on weekdays & 6-10 hours on weekends (: .

What would you do if you saw a relative/friend hacking ? ; Even though they're related to me , i won't give any chance by closing one eye , i do my job as a GM , i won't let my emotional ties take over me (: .

Would you leave the server if you were not picked as GM ? ; i'll definitely won't , this server is way too fun to leave ♥ .

If a player is spamming on XAT/Being stupid what would you do ? ; i'll talk to him nicely , asking him not to spam or being stupid , i'll give him th answers if he asked something (: .

Will you respect all of the ImagineStory's staff and the moderating team ? ; I'll respect each and every single one of them (: , as they were made GM'ed by the administrator , so therefor they should have common sense and some skills , such as right judgements and basic grammar . However , if i see other GM's abusing other players , or their power , i would take a picture and post it on the forum so that the administrator will know the other GM is not doing a good job . I would trust the other players in game too , but i would suspect sometimes if i sense something isn't right or the player is likely lying . (:

What do you think is good about your personality ? ; i superb friendly , patient & kind , i love to help alot (: .

What do you think is bad about your personality ? ; i'm annoying sometimes , i talked alot ;x .

Would you leave the server if a problem were to happen (small and big) ? ; i'll never leave this server , i'll stay with this server & help out to save this server (: .

Why should we choose you as GM ? ; i have good conventional grammar , quick and right judgements and kind hearted . If i possibly the GM , people will mostly like how i help people and hold events . If i am not one of the good GM in your server , i could just step down and apologize for doing not a good job on my duty . Anyway , i am very trustworthy , because i do not hide on my mistakes and lies . (:

What would you do if a player asked for an Event item/MSI (Max stat item) ; i won't give them th item , as it's not our job as a GM to do that , i would politely ask them to get them when i host an event , as for MSI , i'll ask them to get th MSI by earning it when they have enough stats to get them (: .

How many days a week and for how long would you be active ? ; i'm active 7 days a week , 4-8 hours a day (: .

~Additional Info ; i'm super friendly , patient , kind , lovely , i don't bite , but do be careful , i swallow (: . one year older on every twentyoneOfour ♥ . Be my friend (: ♥ . Thanks for reading my application , hope i do get accepted & help out in this wonderful community (:
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iiHeartszxc GM application (: ♥
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