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 Read it, before you post any application.

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Read it, before you post any application. Empty
PostSubject: Read it, before you post any application.   Read it, before you post any application. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 2:39 pm

Apparently most of you have signed up for the GM APP
and you will have a lot of questions I'm sure.
It's a good sign to the server that you're making an effort to apply for the GM APP.
ImagineStory Staff needs GM that are capable to moderate the game.
Do read this thread before making any application.

No flaming.
No personal attacks.
No slandering.
No spamming.
No overdoing of jokes.
No flippant applications.
No extreme color use.

Here are some things that will affect your application and lower your chances.
Do take your time to read it and memorize them well.

I can help players by answering their queries: Everyone else can do that. Have you seen players aid each other through megaphones? You don't have to be a GM to help others. So please do the necessary.

Post count: Although a low post count does not necessarily mean inactivity, a single digit post count should show your lack of activeness. You could have been one of the most active players in-game but your lack of awareness about the forums will dampen your chances. The fact is that most updates are posted here, so I'll advice you to go get yourself some posts and establish yourself before posting the application. Of course, you do so without spam.

These are stuff that you must avoid. Irregardless of whether you took notice of the previous few points. Of utmost importance, consider your chances nullified and voided.

These are "DO NOTs", so don't get yourself the wrong idea.

Insult or ridicule.
Worthless self-promotion via bashing.
Poor grammar.
Arrogance + Poor personality.
Make empty promises.

Now that we have different sections for each Application, we are going to lock certain Sections which we are not accepting Staff for at the moment.

Remember, quality over quantity. Bear that in mind.
Lastly Good Luck for your application.
We are looking forward for your application.
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Read it, before you post any application.
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